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Portrait Atelier

Portrait Atelier will focus on the essentials of portrait painting and a working process to progressively finish a portrait study in one or two sittings. Using time-tested approaches we’ll cover topics such as:

  • Animating the pose and keys to capturing a likeness.
  • How to effectively block-in a painting.
  • Accurately observe value and color relationships and mix equivalent analogies in paint.
  • Simplified anatomy and understanding head construction in volumes and planes.

The class will include discussions of past and contemporary masterworks and the technical aspects of painting and materials. You'll benefit from working in a small focused learning environment with good lighting on both the model and your work station. Instruction is personalized and enrollment is month to month.

Starting in January. Day and Time TBA

4715 NE 14th Ave.

Open monthly enrollment.

Tuition: $200/mo. includes model fee.

Portrait Atelier

Instruction: 4x's per month/includes model. Limit: 8 students.

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