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Your Portrait Is My Passion.

Portrait Commission Fees

Head & Shoulder     

20"x24" - 24"x30"


1/2 Figure with Hands 

24"x30" - 30"x40"    


Three Quarter Length

30"x40" - 36"x48"


Full Length Portrait

40" x 60" or larger


Price quotes for additional figures in the portrait are available upon request. In the case of a posthumous portrait the painting can be created using available photographs. 

A deposit of 40% is due in advance with the balance due upon completion of the painting. Travel, lodging, shipping and framing expenses are the responsibility of the client.

The Purpose of a Portrait Painting

The main purpose of a portrait painting is to bring pleasure to those who commissioned it. It may be a gift of affection, a private family portrait, a business or official portrait, a memorial or posthumous portrait, or combination of these. 

The Portraitist's Mission

My mission is to portray each subject at his or her best - to explore, discover, and convey those qualities about the subject that are interesting, informative and most characteristic. I pledge that every painting leaving my studio will represent my very best effort as a creative artist and craftsman. The painting I am working on now is the most important one of all to me, and I will spare no effort to make it the the finest work of art I'm capable of. I will also only use the highest quality materials that are archival and ensure longevity. I am conscious that I am producing not only a portrait but also an enduring work of art.

The Portrait Process

A portrait painting is a synthesis of different sources that includes reference photos, sketches from life, color notes, and ideas from paintings of master artists who inspire me. It is also a collaborative effort that involves the client  throughout the creative process.

How best to portray our subject is the goal of the first meeting. This involves choosing the right environment, clothing, lighting, and if the image calls for a more casual or formal approach, etc.. Along with my impressions, these things give voice to who the subject is and what they are about. A portrait is not just about a likeness! 

Next, a photo session is scheduled lasting about 30 minutes. Followed by a drawing or oil sketch lasting about 2 hours that is scheduled separately. One or two sittings are generally enough to gather the impressions I need.

Once the reference materials are chosen and the concept of the painting is clear, I proceed with a small oil study. This study is not about detail but rather the all-important big picture look of the painting ( color, design, placement, final size, etc. ). The study is then sent to the client for final approval before starting the full-size portrait.

Upon completion of the painting, a meeting is arranged to deliver the portrait. I’m also available to help with selecting a frame and to attend a portrait unveiling.


Only archival materials that meet professional standards are used. The painting surface, Belgian portrait linen, is the very best in the world. This will ensure a portrait painting properly taken care of will last for generations.

How long does it take to complete a portrait painting? 

Portraits are typically completed within a 3 - 6 month time frame. This allows for drying time and final application of a protective varnish.