Mentored Drawing & Painting Studio

Mentored Drawing & Painting Studio is for anyone who wants to learn the time-tested methods of drawing and painting in a disciplined and progressive manner. The principles taught are broad-based and are applicable across media and subject matter. They are mainly informed by the classical atelier tradition without excluding the insights of contemporary approaches.

The curriculum consists mainly of master-copy work, cast drawing and still life painting in a step-by-step progression. As you acquire each skill, new and more challenging projects are assigned. In addition we’ll cover art theory, composition, color, painting techniques and master works. The goal is to:

  • Develop and improve your powers of observation, visualization, & communication.

  • Deepen and refine your drawing and painting skills in a progressive and disciplined manner.

  • Work in a small, focused learning environment emphasizing individual feedback and instruction.

Having a sound understanding of the basic principles of drawing does not limit expression, distinctiveness, or personal freedom in our work. Rather, it strengthens these qualities by giving them structure and a reference point for our own creativity.

Student Work

Drawings following dedicated practice of 9 hrs per week.

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The Cours de Dessin was developed by an influential teacher in the 19th century named Charles Bargue. The course is a comprehensive and practical system for learning to draw. It teaches one to think like a painter/draftsperson which makes the transition to painting much smoother. The course is fairly demanding as I pass on to you what I learned at the atelier from my teacher Juliette Aristides. If you love drawing and painting, want to improve and are willing to make a steady committment of 9 hrs of drawing time per week this course will reward your efforts!

  • Open monthly enrollment. || Fridays: 9:30 - 12:30pm. Open studio available on Friday afternoons.

  • Commitment: 9 hrs of drawing time per week including class time. 

  • Tuition: $200/month.

Stop by and draw with us. No commitment to enroll, see if it's the right for you. All levels welcome!

Animal Nature, oil, EF.

Animal Nature, oil, EF.

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