Observational Figure Drawing - long pose

Informed by the atelier tradition this class will cover fundamental drawing strategies and a structured approach that will help you advance as an artist.

Each session features one long pose that starts with a  structured “ block-in “ drawing to establish a strong gesture, accurate likeness, proportion, contour, attention to anatomical points and mapping of light/darks in 2-D. All important prerequisites for modeling the form and completing a figure drawing to higher degrees of finish, depth and realism.

The final steps in drawing the figure are accomplished by thinking in sculptural terms about  drawing, understanding concepts of light and form, drawing correct values, 3-D modeling and clean technique.

Class includes lecture, handouts, individualized instruction and critique.

IMG_1851 copy.JPG

Long pose figure drawing by EF

October 6th - December 1st ( 8 weeks )

Saturdays: 2pm - 5:30pm

Eduardo’s Studio: 4715 NE 14th Ave.

Tuition: $345 - includes model fee.

Class limit: 8

Figure Drawing Materials List:

  • Drawing paper: A pad of Strathmore 400 Series Medium tooth - 18” x 24”.

  • Drawing board: - 18” x 24” or larger.

  • Graphite Pencils: – 2B, HB, H, 2H, 4H (at least one of each). Recommend purchasing a quality pencil like Tombow or Steadtler ( blue with black back end )… pencils made of real wood! 

  • Erasers: Gray kneaded eraser and Tombow MONO Zero Refillable eraser. http://www.dickblick.com/items/21576-9330/

  • Sharpening tools: x-acto knife or utility knife with extra blades and one sheet of fine sandpaper #220.

  • Measuring tools: long skinny knitting needle or bicycle spoke, or bbq skewer ( needs to be long, skinny, straight and that won’t bend ). Plumb Line (string with a weighted end).

Please call or email if you have questions, thank you.