Artistic Anatomy for Designers

ANatomy graphic11.jpg

The human figure is a touchstone for visual art and design in many creative disciplines. An understanding of its dynamic and structure will help anyone interested in drawing, painting, design, story-telling, multimedia and sculpture.

This workshop will cover anatomy in light of important artistic principles and offer training in a drawing skill set that is direct and practical.

The approach taught is primarily concerned with the use of line to convey ideas, development of form, and a simplified design of anatomy - the basics of being able to convincingly draw a figure in space. As well as invent or abstract the figure from memory and imagination.  

Through a series of drawing exercises guided by artistic principles and knowledge of anatomy students will gain a keener appreciation for capturing gesture, make their drawings more expressive and better understand the unique and dynamic design of the human figure - a wellspring of inspiration for artists and designers throughout history!

Oct. 11th - Dec. 6th ( 9 wks )

Weds: 6:30 - 9:30pm

4715 NE 14th Ave. ( EF Studio )

Tuition: $375 includes model fee.