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Portrait Atelier

Paint eye-catching portraits in oil or acrylic! This workshop will focus on key concepts related to portrait painting, and a working process to progressively finish a portrait study from life in three hours. Working with a limited palette of just four colors you’ll learn: 

  • How to effectively block-in a painting.

  • Accurately observe value and color relationships and mix equivalent analogies in paint.

  • Simplified anatomy and understanding head construction in volumes and planes.

  • Animating the pose and keys to capturing a likeness.

The class includes discussions of past and contemporary masterworks and the technical aspects of painting and materials. You'll benefit from personalized instruction in a studio that features lighting best designed for learning to paint a portrait from life!

JUNE 1st - JULY 13th ( 6 wks )

Saturdays: 9:30am - 1pm

Tuition: $315 - includes model fee.

Class limit: 8. Easels with palette are provided.

Please contact me for drop-in attendance.

4715 NE 14th Ave.

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Questions? Please call or write, thank you.