Plein-air Painting Essentials

Color, Value & Design

May 18th - 20th

Redwood Sunset by EF

" Go to the country - The muse is in the woods. " Camille Corot

In this workshop we'll follow the muse into the woods and focus on three important aspects of landscape painting en plein-air: color, value and design.

Demos and instruction will cover composition, editing for impact, paint application, and using color relationships to convey natural light effects.

Starting with compositional thumbnails students will work up to completing a plein-air painting each day. Along with with demos individual instruction and critique are emphasized.

Location & Dates: 

Friday, May 18th: 

Intro lecture: Six Essential Landscape Concepts.

4715 NE 14th Ave. ( EF's studio ) 

6:45 - 9:15pm

Saturday, May 19th : 

Powell Butte, PDX.  

8:30am - 4pm.


Sunday, May 20th:  

Mocks Crest Viewpoint, PDX. 

8:30am - 4pm.



Plein-air Essentials
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The title may sound gimmicky but Greg Albert has written a very good book explaining how intervals in composition make for dynamic and interesting paintings.

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